Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011: Isaac turns 1!

God-willing, this day was going to come...but I just can't believe it's here already. Amazing how time passes so much faster the more little feet you have you, propelling it forward! In true Cascio-style, we celebrated in a procrastinate-to-the-last-minute kind of way....but it was still wonderful. Since I was working all weekend (Reserves), I didn't get an opportunity to "get crazy" with everything and relied heavily upon Jeff to pull it off. And he did, as usual!

His dinosaur-cake before him, he daintily pushed his little fingers into the frosting and poked them back into his mouth, we are talking complete composure, here, folks! It was so cute. I guess he thought he had an entire sheet cake, so what's the rush? He didn't dive in head-first, grab gobs of it in his hands, or anything. Quite an impressive show of control. When we took it away to cut it, he did his pidgy-cooing thing, but that's about it! Daddy had been giving him the good stuff pretty early, though - all this week: Oreos, ice cream, cookies...and I wonder why they always like Daddy better!! :)

He got a zebra-scooter-push toy, a learning tool-bench, some cute clothes from Grammy and Grampy in NH, a zhu-zhu pet from Luke & Josh, and lots of kisses!!

Jeff and I capped off the night by watching the "birth video"- all 15 minutes of it! It was surreal, watching myself in full labor - I really should have been a bit more dramatic about it, it was rather uneventful, of course, until I swept I cheese-covered Isaac up into my arms from the warm water! I wish you could actually see into the water - that was where the action was! How beautifully sweet he was in that moment, how calm - was such an AMAZING (proper use of that word!) experience.

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