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I LOVE making things from recycled fabric. Especially USEFUL things! I love to get inspiration from others, so I frequent crafty blog and search for my next "project"...

April 25th: Finishing....the Baseball Banner

So, I've made a "deal" with myself that I can't start any other sewing project before I finish this:
And actually, it's much farther along than this picture shows, because all I have left to do is sew on the baseballs and add another coach's name. I really tried to avoid adding the assistant coach because his name is sooooo long, and those letters are hand-cut felt...but he felt left out. So, I will begrudgingly  happily oblige. The names are on the baseballs, and everything is already sewn down. Since it is spring break, I have some time before the next game on Saturday. I'm going to try not to procrastinate. I said TRY. :)

By the way, I was inspired to do this by this tutorial:

Obviously, I tweaked some things here and there - but her tutorial is excellent, and gave me just the nudge I needed to DO IT. This is the first, but most likely not LAST banner I will make....(with 3 more boys all playing sports!). Thank you, Sarah of "Blue Susan" - you rock.

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  1. Wow!! Look at that! You really pulled that off. It looks awesome!! You say you won't make more but everyone will see what a great job you did and remember for next year. The good thing is, if you keep the same team name, you can reuse some of the parts for the next one. Just cut them out and glue them on again. Thanks for sharing the picture with me!


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