Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling pregnant!

Well, I am 29 weeks now - so I guess that is okay. I've been sick lately, though - a cold that won't go away. The baby (yet to be named!) is quite a kicker, and he is exerting his will on my uterus daily - which, even after 2 other babies, I still find a little other-worldly at times. I have yet to take pictures of my ever-expanding waistline - sorry about that...I've kind of fallen behind on the picture scene altogether lately. I'll try to post some later today.

My birthday is in 2 days - which I am not really looking forward to since I haven't accepted I am 31 yet, let alone 32!! Jeff is going to be here, but he is going to be studying for Tech, which he takes on Wednesday.

I have tentatively started potty-training Luke, which is fun, and made easier by the fact that he has discovered the indulgent joy of "chockie" (chocolate). Jeff has him hooked, and he knows where we keep it, so he will push a chair over to the counter and point saying "Chockie!!"