Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1, 2011: Woogie is 5!

I just love that picture. It's so 80's, an instant classic. Well, Luke is now 5, much to his delight, and dismay, because he CAN'T play baseball or go to school yet. He fails to grasp that concept completely, my fault, for I kept telling him that he could play and go to school "when he is 5". [Parents of 3 and under, heed my warning: they will listen to everything you say, and then use it against you later. You may *think* they don't hear you, but it's just a clever trick, don't fall for it.]

What I love about Luke is that he is so determined. He knows exactly what he wants, and proceeds to work until he gets it...take for instance, our birthday "outing" to the BX - we went to the donut shop first, he got a chocolate chip muffin and some lemonade (lemonade?!??), and then when we went shopping (me with Isaac in the backpack carrier, trying to keep Josh contained to the small confines of the shopping cart), he chose a 1.) harmonica, 2.) A "Fur Real" Cat that purrs, and 3.) Baseball bases and new batting gloves (I told you he really thinks he is playing this season....he tells me ALL.THE.TIME. "I'm going to be late for practice, mom, and my coach will be mad!!")
I let him pick out his gifts, because his REAL gift is a new B-I-K-E, which he still hasn't seen yet, because Jeff needs to put it together and we haven't actually had any time at all...besides sleeping time, and we can't afford to cut any of that! I'll put up some pics when we do finally give him his new bike!

It does seem like just yesterday that we were at David Grant with our precious little Lukie...who was so quiet, so soft and happy and content. Things were so different then, so much easier, but we didn't think so at the time! We were living in a brand new house in Dixon, I was homeschooling Dylan, and we had only been married a year...and we didn't know what we were doing, really. It's neat how you grow so much when you have children, your priorities change, your selfish desires wane and are replaced by a desire to serve your family. Of course, my Christian path is more heavily trodden, too...and in my spiritual growth, confronted by spiritual truths, you are able to see how far you've come, while at the same time realizing how far you still have to go. That was a rabbit trail...sorry about that!

Happy Birthday, Luke. Soon you will be playing baseball, in 5 months you will be starting many exciting journeys for you still undiscovered! We love you!

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