Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The waiting game begins!

I've been feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to get my "baby bag" packed - but I guess the pressure just isn't enough to catapult me into action, because my labor bag sits pathetically empty in my bedroom corner. Of course I think about it at night, when I'm feeling contractions and I run down the "list" of things I still need to do before we make our momentous trip to the hospital...but the next morning, the panic subsides and I get nothing done!! So the goal this week is to get my bag packed!

In related news, we are going to be delivering at Sutter Davis. Tricare approved a referral so we could go there and try for a water birth....that is until I got the "approval" letter and it states that my request for a water BIRTH is denied. BUT, I can still go there to deliver. I was all sorts of worked up about this, but in the end I realized I can still labor in the water, I just have to get out before the pushing starts. I can see how this is going to go...can you imagine trying to get out a birthing tub when you are ready to push?? Anyway, God has a plan here...we may not even make it to the hospital this time around (Sutter is about 30 min away)! (Don't worry, I've been watching some home birth videos just in case this happens...!)

At my last level 2 ultrasound (Feb 1st), they said the little guy is NOT so little anymore - proof positive that PRAYER (and a scare of gestational diabetes!) really works. He is measuring right at 34 weeks and there isn't a difference between his head and abdomen circumference (before there was a 2 week lag in his AC). They told me he was "approximately" 5 lbs, 14 oz, and was on track to be an 8-pounder! I couldn't believe he is that big already! His cheeks are so cute and his lips are so pouty (just like luke's!)...I can't wait to meet him outside of my uterus. He sure has been beating stuff up in there - so restless, but still head-down (yay!).

Although I am only 34 weeks, I am sooooooo ready for him to get here. He is so heavy in there - and I'm just really tired of all this extra weight I'm toting around! I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (taken at 34 weeks+ to help soften the cervix and prepare for labor), because I'm hoping that was one of the keys to Josh's smooth (albeit FAST) entrance...with contractions I handled like a champ. I'm not dreading labor this time around, I'm excited and hopeful for a repeat healthy delivery.

More to come later, but I need to go break up a wrestling match in the living room.

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