Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursdays are Great!?

Okay, normally I am rather fond of the Thursday in the middlish of the week...however, today, after a fitful night of tossing and turning and trying to breathe through my irritably-sore throat instead of much massively-congested nostrils, I woke up with a headache, still-sore throat, and extremely stuffy nose. Coffee can't even touch this!

Guess I shouldn't really be surprised at this point, after having the stomach flu and being incapacitated for a few days, feeling so desperately heavy with baby that I'm actually wishing for a February baby...when it rains, it pours, right? Then there is that nagging little tooth in the back of my mouth that had a root canal and is patiently awaiting a permanent crown...and it will have to wait until that money tree I planted a couple years ago grows some crisp greenery...okay, I'm done

Tonight Jeff and I are going to tour the Birth Center at Sutter Davis - which I am very excited about! We will get to see the birthing suites (with TUBS!) and where we are supposed to come rushing into in full-blown labor...which is good to know, because I like to be fully prepared! Speaking of fully prepared, I didn't quite get my labor bag packed, but I did make progress! It has some things in it at least. I made the "target list" of things I still want/need to get to bring with me - like new slippers, modest bikini-top (for in the water), some cozy pj's for know, all the cozy stuff. In my push to get some things prepped for baby I brought the bassinet and the changing table in our room and dug out all the baby progress has been made!

I had this strange dream last night that I ran out of lotion and resorted to crisco for my all of my emollient was really strange, slathering crisco on my hands and arms...I was thinking "this really needs to smell better!!!" Ha, ha. Pregnant dreams are crazy some times.

Marge and Ralph came over last night, with dinner, which is always nice! I had been doing my marathon cooking and freezing meals all day, so it was a very welcome interruption! Yes, the cooking and freezing is all baby prep, too. I made Pasta e Fagioli, Veggie Chili, Chicken Fried Rice (with lots of veggies), Shredded Chicken Taco sandwich meat, Chicken tortellini soup and a loaf of banana bread. I still have a few more recipes, but the freezer is almost at max capacity right now.

Almost forgot. Luke has created a new name for "Fig Newtons"...yesterday, Jeff came home with some, left them on the counter, and later Luke was asking me for "Toot de finootens" (which is a version of the italian? phrase "tut de finut" (which I still can't find in my italian dictionary!)...but it is something that Marge and Ralph always say to Luke. He is hilarious, and he was serious...he thought that is what they were called.

Alrighty, time to bust out some of my to-do list items...

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