Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting things Fixed...

There really isn't much to say about today - the weather is icky again after two days of beautiful sunshine and 70, I guess it was inevitable...back to the wet, rainy, gray dismal-ness that is the California rainy season. I have to say, my mood suffers, but that could be partly because we are confined to the inside - lots of wii, tv, playdoh, and movies. Oh Thank God for the library and FREE MOVIES!! They may not have the greatest selection, but with kids that like to watch movies until they have committed every line to heart, it's a lifesaver. And the memory thing, that can be quite tricky to reverse. It's a good thing when Luke is quoting "Let my people GO!" (From the Ten Commandments), but a not-so-good thing when he starts picking up the language that seems to creep into even the PG-ist of movies. (He called Dylan a selfish jerk after watching Monsters vs. Aliens - although this does fit at times, I had to bite my tongue and chastise.)

Still waiting for Baby ___________ whatever-his-name is going to be! Not that I am expecting him to make his appearance this early, but the additive effects of severe back pain, head/chest cold, extreme fatigue, and the ever-present Braxton Hicks, I would welcome his entrance just a little earlier than usual. I'll be 36 weeks on like 2 days! That is when Dylan was born, and he turned out OK (well, functioning anyway!). I guess I'm sort of nesting now, I just feel pressure to get things done before there is another little screeching eaglet around attached to my "milkies" makes things a teensy bit more challenging to accomplish with a little one attached at all times!

My birthday was nice yesterday - pretty relaxed day, Dylan was sick all day so we had to suffer through his ailment with him (he tends to exaggerate A LOT!!!!!!!!). That kind of put a damper on the day - but what can you do? Got some nice cards, lots of facebook birthday wishes, nice presents and a card from my mom, and of course a cake from my present from him was (don't laugh!) A BREAD KNIFE. Woo hoo! Really excited about that (no, really) If you knew how much I enjoyed my warm-from-the-oven crusty bread with fresh melting butter....ahhhhh. Well we didn't have a bread knife, which made it very difficult to not crush the bread and saw through the tough exterior. It was a good choice on his part, until he remembered I asked for a waterpik. But that is considerably more expensive, and given our current uncertain tax situation, the knife was the way to go!

Well it's nap time around these parts, and I'm going to menu plan, then try to catch some zzzzz's with eagle and woog (if he will submit to sleeping, that is!)...Oh, and the "Getting things Fixed" has to do with the fact I called in like 4 work orders for various stuff that isn't working right around the house...they came this morning and fixed almost everything! Yay!

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