Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, February 19th

Okay. There it is in all it's nearly 36-week glory! The baby bump that is doing a pretty good job of looking rather basketball-ish at the moment. Someone actually said, "That's a strange place to carry around your basketball!" (with a chuckle)...last night at the grocery store. I grumbled something in response and managed a half-hearted smile, all the while wanting to just escape into the freezer section.

Speaking of the grocery store...I got to go ALL BY MYSELF, which is a rare treat that I am beginning to think will turn into a delightful escape in no time at all. I feel guilty about leaving Jeff stranded at the house after he worked all day, but I was on a mission. I menu-planned yesterday for the next week and had a big list of ingredients to get. I got a little carried away, but the commissary has such great sales, the hoarder in me just can't resist the stock up. Especially when we go through juice like wine at a wedding in Canaan. Ha ha. A little bible humor there for you!

While I was at the grocery store (here we call it the commissary aka com-misery on a payday), I was really struck by how lucky and fortunate we are to be able to buy whatever food we want, bring it home, stock our overflowing pantry, and have choices of what food to eat, whenever we want to eat it. I mean, have you really ever stopped to appreciate that? It's amazing. John 10:10 (one of our favorite verses) says,

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

And not only that, but he gives us this abundance and we don't even deserve it!! I don't pray every day, I don't read my bible every day, and I sin. EVERY DAY. Yet still, my meager efforts of Adoration, Confession, and Thanksgiving are rewarded 100 times. Can you imagine if I actually put more effort into my spiritual growth? I really do try, but is trying really enough?

I have a big list of stuff to get done today, and lately I've felt the need to prepare an "emergency birth kit" just in case we don't make it to the hospital in time. I had visions of delivering at Mimi & Palfs house (on the way to Sutter Davis)...I was trying to figure out where I would deliver in their house (I'm thinking Bath tub, maybe?? They have carpet everywhere!) and what I would need. Again, probably overactive meanderings of a 9-month pregnant mind, but still...I'm going to get it ready - JUST IN CASE! It would make for quite an entertaining story...

The rest of my "nesting" list is broken down by category - (really, who does that??) computer stuff, general house, kitchen cooking, organization, and Jeff stuff. If you ever need help organizing your to-do list, talk to me!! (Of course, if you need to organize your to-do list, you probably a) have too many things to do, and/or, b) have a little disorder called OCD, both of which apply in my situation.) Better get started checking some things off!


  1. I need help! I love organizing, but lately I just cant get started! I need help and aadvice. I want to start with planned dinners but I don't know how to cook well, I think ok though. Advice, recipes?
    Thanks- Love You!

    1. You know I can always help you, my dear need to move closer! :)

  2. Lady, we could be sisters. I categorize all my "To Do" list as well. I do mine by room in the house, etc. I love to organize as well, we should have an organizational nerd club or something. hehe...


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