Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, today is my birthday, actually the 5th? anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday...I spelled it out because it seems less intimidating in letters. Numbers are big and scary! Ummm so far it's been a good day, Jeff is swiffering the kitchen as I type, Eagle is kicking it in Cowboys boots, no diaper and a green t-shirt with a picture of a turtle that reads "SPEEDY"...he is watching Daddy while he munches on a slice of leftover cinnamon roll from breakfast. Luke is watching Monsters Inc. (rented from the library yesterday) on the couch next to dylan - who has suddenly come down with a stomach bug...probably imagined...

So our day begins! It's a beautiful day outside, and we are getting ready to pack up and head out to who knows where...we already went to IKEA this week so I can't imagine anything better than that! (Ha, ha...) Jeff's parents are in Florida right now, which makes me a little nervous that the little guy in the incubator is going to come when they are gone - leaving us to bring the kids to the hospital with us! I guess that would be okay, but we joked about trying the water birth and having Josh and Luke trying to swim in the big tub while I'm in the throes of transition...not so fun and hypno-birthing for me! I finally picked up the hypnobirthing book at the library, only to discover the CD isn't in the back. Grrrrr...

However, since I was supposed to be at Jury duty today (checked last night and they didn't need me! woo hoo!), an idea of good time right about now woule be hitting up Walgreens for some mucinex and robitussin...(yes, stillllll sick!).

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