Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1. 2008: Castor Oil and other failed attempts at labor...

Okay, for those of you patiently waiting to hear some news, any news, and here it is, as bleak and boring as it gets.

Yesterday, I went to my 39 week appointment, with high hopes of hearing great news like "wow, you are like 6 cm dilated, do you want to stay??" or "you look really uncomfortable, let's get you an epidural so you can sleep until the baby is done getting you all anxious over this false-labor stuff..." (Ok, kidding on the last one). THIS is what I got instead: "Looks like you are still 3 cm, but your cervix has thinned 50% (it was still thick before), and the baby is even lower (at 0 station now) and the amniotic sac is 'bulging' through your cervix."

Soooooooooooo, I guess that counts as good news. BUT, not as great as I was aiming for. Also, the midwife mentioned that she is on call tomorrow night (which is now tonight), and if I came in for a "labor check", she might "accidentally" break my water....hmmmmm....clearly
she must have sensed the desperation in my voice when I recounted Tuesday night's painful teaser-contraction circus. When I casually mentioned this to Jeff, he said he thought it wasn't a great idea and "we" should wait until my water breaks on its own, when the little eagle is ready. I told him it must be easy for him to think so clear when there isn't an 8 pound grapefruit pushing against his cervix. Oh that's right, he doesn't have a cervix. Nice plan, God, giving the women the "joy" of birth. Ha, ha. Okay, I'm only kidding - I don't want to be struck down by lightening, just go into labor sometime in the next like 6 hours.

I also picked up some CASTOR OIL yesterday afternoon, and after careful research on the many varied opinions, choked down a tablespoon (or at least half a tbsp!) this morning. If you have never had the pleasure of castor oil sliding down your throat, coating your teeth, tongue, and gums, is all you need to do is take a shot of melted low grade chapstick and that gives you a CLOSE approximation to what it tastes like. In anxious anticipation, I washed my hair, made myself "pretty" and double checked that the labor bags were by the door…thinking that I would be gleefully headed to the hospital at any moment…An hour later it did what it was manufactured to do (if you don't know, just look it up!), and other than that, my uterus seems to have shrugged off my meager attempt at stimulation. I fought back puking to take some more down about an hour and a half ago (thinking maybe I didn't take enough) but so far, no action.

On another note, Luke is sick right now, fever, runny nose, so I have no idea what we are going to do with him when I actually do get to go to the hospital. Knowing my luck, though, he will be all better by the time this baby decides he wants in on getting out…

I know God has this all worked into his plan, so maybe these failed attempts are just to provide humorous fodder for my blog...I'll keep everyone updated as soon as something messy or painful happens...but don't hold your breath!

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