Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, Mar 26, 2010: Melancholy musings of a 6-day overdue Mommy

Surprise. It's groundhog day in March. At least in my world, over and over again...waking up, getting ready because there is a slim chance that "Today might be the day!" (Which has been my mantra since like mid-March - time to change it up, I guess.) So I get everyone fed, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, check my FB, make sure the cameras are charging, check my email, drink some water, time a few sporadic contractions....about as exciting as watching wax melt. Unless your into that whole thing, which I'm not.

According to my original due date - (from my first U/S) - I am only 4 days "over" due - but they changed my due date at my second ultrasound to 3/20, so I could be as much as 6 days overdue...a state which I find myself completely unequipped to deal with, both mentally and physically. I definitely jinxed myself by repeatedly assuring everyone "I always go early"...but I do place some of the blame on those of you who decided to guess late dates - you know who you are (Joy, MOM, Pastor Paul!!!)

So, in light of all this, I finally caved and took down some Castor Oil. Yep, you heard it here first. 3 tsp. down the hatch, mixed into a nice frothy root beer float. That was at 12:15. So far, nothing going on, which is okay - I erred on the side of caution with my dosage because I definitely DO NOT want to get much more uncozy than I am right now and STILL not go into labor. I would settle for the intended affects right about now, because at least that would seem to be preparing for something!

I really think a big reason that I haven't gone into labor yet is because I'm so anxious about getting to the birthing center on time...I've even made sure to research home/car birth procedures JUST IN CASE. I tend to be a bit of an OCD control-freak, so as soon as things seem to be outside of my tiny grasp of control, I begin to mentally unravel. Really, it's comical...after the fact! Okay, I really don't have anything more to type that would be worth your reading, so please PRAY for me, PRAY for a safe, healthy delivery and that we make it to the birthing center!

I'll keep everyone updated, don't you worry!

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  1. aww girl :( I love reading your journal!! So creative and so real. Praying your little bundle will arrive quickly and safely for you to hold!! : ) Hang in there!!


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