Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Cascio (still unnamed!!) Update!

Alrighty all of you who are anxiously awaiting an update on my little uterine resident - it's time! Had an appointment yesterday afternoon with a midwife at Sutter Davis (very different experience than seeing an OB) and she confirmed that he is very low, -1 station, so that is why my back pain has been in overdrive lately and I feel all this pressure. Also, my most efficient cervix, which needs to make its way from a posterior position to a fully anterior position has rotated to midline - half way there. She said it is very soft (a good thing for future dilation) and 1+ cm. It hasn't started thinning though, but that can happen quickly! He is also head-down, and I'm assuming at this point (36 1/2 wks) he doesn't have any room to turn around in there! That doesn't stop him from rocking his body from side to side and kicking the bejeebers out of the top of the uterus. He is quite a feisty one, I must admit. I hope this doesn't translate to his personality....we are hoping for another "luke" baby - relatively quiet cry, pretty mellow, milk-hound that likes to sleep!

Also went to Bible Study last night - it was great...that is definitely where I need to be right now. Our assignment for this week is to find the bible verse that motivates us to stay in the word. Jeanette's is Proverbs 31:30. I haven't found one yet, but I'm working on narrowing it down.

Luke is wearing his Giants football shirt for the fourth day in a row. He won't take it off, just rotates the shorts he wears with it. I told him yesterday that he couldn't wear shorts because it was so cold out, so he went up to his room to change into his jeans and came back down in another pair of shorts. Then he told me, "I changed my mind, it's not cold out - I'll just wear shorts." Then we had to explain to him that just because he changed his mind about the temperature doesn't change the fact that it's cold outside. He was pretty reluctant about that (as he is with many things that he has made his mind up about)....

Josh is still in his PJs and they are both watching "Super Why" (which is an awesome reading show on PBS). So far no major intervention on my part has been needed. Amazing. By intervention, I mean breaking up a wrestling match...saving Eagle from propelling himself head first off the couch or stopping Luke from ripping all the pillows off the couch to make a "jumping place". So far, so good.

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  1. Your belly pictures are adorable. You are going to be really close to me since you will be in Davis. If you need ANYTHING please don't hesitate to call. Davis is only about 15 minutes away if that. Also, the kids and I attend Sutter up here and I'm really happy with them so congrats. :)


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