Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apr 22, 2008: False Alarm! Still Pregnant, but maybe for not much longer!

Just got back from my appt - I am 37w 4d, (which is lie 9 1/2 months for the guys reading this) - and after my contraction-filled sunday, I asked my midwife (who is sooooo great, I love her!) to check me to see if all that pain did something. Well the GOOD NEWS IS, IT DID!!!

I am now 3 cm dilated, and the baby's head is "engaged" at a -1 station! Woo hoo! I was soooo happy. She also gave me hope because she said she would either see me at my next appt (next weds) OR before that in labor!! (of course she probably says that to all her impatient 37+ weekers to make them feel better!) My blood pressure, however, was not good - and I actually almost made a trip to L&D TODAY!! They repeated it 3 times and finally got my diastolic to come down under 90. They let me go, although reluctantly. I DO NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED!!! Phew.

So, temporarily, I am elated - and to know that all that pain was actually doing something makes me feel validated. Jeff thinks that Thursday is a good day - 4.24 - which, of course, I agree with - but Jeff's mom isn't getting here until Saturday night, and I would really like her to be there when I do go into labor. I won't have all my girls around like with Lukie - and Aubri, who was the GREATEST friend and support I could have ever asked for there.

It is kind of surreal that this is happening again....it does seem like just yesterday I was going into labor with Luke. Time really does fly by, it's amazing. I would really like to be more in control this time around, I felt completely helpless and tied down last time - I am going to be much more outspoken about my wants this time around. I DO NOT WANT TO BE TETHERED TO THE BED the whole time, for one! Okay. I'm done complaining. I'm excited, and I will be making calls when I am on my way in!

Love you all. Read your bible.

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