Thursday, May 12, 2011

Appreciation Gifts:Flower Pen Tutorial

Last week was teacher appreciation week - and although I didn't get this tutorial up in time, I did get my oldest son's teacher a present on time! (Clapping and cheering from the moms out there with 3+ kids!) So, what did I make? Well, after scouring the internet, I stumbled upon Skip to my Lou's "Teacher Appreciation Ideas" and I was inspired by Somewhat Simple's Candy Gram Bucket of Fun....but I didn't have any candy, and I wanted to use a coffee mug. So....I whipped this up instead:

And believe me, if I can do it, you can, too! The best part is you don't have to wait until next teacher appreciation week to make one of these cool would make a great Thank You gift for anyone! You could even make one for yourself, or make one for your church or school office...the possibilities are endless.  So, on with the tutorial (not that you really need one, it's pretty simple!

Flower Pen Tutorial:

What you'll need:
Container for "flower pens" (I used a cute Paula Deen mug I got at Michael's for $2!)
Artificial Flowers (I bought a cluster of 5-6 for $1.99)
Floral Tape
Pens (the retractable kind work best)
Mug "filler": I used coffee beans since it was a coffee mug and I had some that I was saving for just this project, you could also use sand (beach theme), split peas (a pretty green!), kidney beans, black beans, small pebbles or smooth glass stones

1. Gather supplies.
2. Cut flowers from the "bunch". Leave stems as long as possible.
3. Hold Stem and Pen together, and then wrap with floral tape starting from mid-pen (where bottom of stem is). Continue wrapping floral tape around pen until you reach the top of the pen. When you are at top, wrap around a couple times to secure. Repeat for remaining pens.
4. Fill Mug 3/4 with your "filler". Place pens inside mug and arrange to your liking.
5. Fill the rest of the mug!
6. Embellish outside, if you want: tie a ribbon around it, attach a note, or attach a flag to a pen with your note: "Thank you, Teacher!"

Somewhat Simple


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